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Whether your needs are a Flag, Banner or Flagpole for your business, cottage or house or you would like to produce a Unique flag or banner with your company logo, ATCAN DISPLAY is here to help you with your specific requests. Please contact us to answer your questions.

Most of our products are listed below and we thank you for taking the time to scroll through our list. Please contact us with your questions or orders and we will happily look after your flag and pole needs.

You will find Canada, Provincial and Territorial flags, US, UK, International, Custom Flags/Banners, Message Flags, Sports and Novelty flags, Flag poles for Commercial and Residential, indoor Flagpoles and Stands, Mounts, Finials and Hardware.

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Canadian Flags

canadian flag

The Official Flag of Canada

We carry a wide variety of Canadian, Provincial and Territorial Flags in various sizes made of high quality nylon. They are also available in an econo polyester 60" x 36" flag. Stick flags available in 6" x 10" nylon and 12" x 18" econo polyester.

The Canadian Flag is a beautiful flag and can be proudly displayed in many locations. It is often seen with other provincial and international flags or custom made flags for businesses. The Canadian Flag display guidelines.

flag poles
Size Nylon 200 Denier Nylon 210 Denier Sewn Appliqué
10"x6" Stick Nylon 70 $8.99 n/a n/a
18"x9" $16.99 n/a n/a
18"x12" Stick Econo poly $5.50 n/a n/a
24"x12" n/a $19.99 $35.99
36"x18" n/a $29.99 $43.99
36"x24" n/a $46.99 n/a
54"x27" n/a $42.99 $63.99
60"x36" Econo poly $22 n/a n/a
72"x36" n/a $59.99 $89.99
90"x45" n/a $96.99 $164.99
108"x54" n/a $119.99 $204.99
144"x72" n/a $279.99 $324.99
180"x90" w D-rings $449.99 **
288"x144" w D-rings $969.99 **
360"x180" w D-rings $1,279.99 **

** On Request, inquire for pricing

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CANADA 150 - Get your souvenir flag while supplies last!

Canada 150 flag

60% off reg. price

DURAPOLY 36 x 72" - $59.99 ea SALE $24.00

DURAPOLY 27 x 54" - $49.99 ea SALE $20.00

4 x 6" Paper Stick flags - $0.05 ea

Provincial Flags, Territorial, USA & UK Flags


Flags of Provinces and Territories

Canada's 10 Provinces and 3 Territories are well represented with their own beautiful flags. We are able to provide you with a wide variety of sizes in quality nylon or in econo polyester 36" x 60" flags or stick flags - whatever your needs are.

Size Nylon Acadia Nylon
Acadia & PQ Nylon 200d/210d Others Nylon 200d/210d
10" x 6" Stick $9.99 $9.99 $9.99
18" x 12" Stick Econo poly $5.99 $5.99 Econo $5.99 Econo
24" x 12" $28.99 $28.99 $28.99
36" x 18" $45.99 $45.99 $45.99
54" x 27" $59.99 $59.99 $59.99
60" x 36" Econo poly $22 $22 Econo $22 Econo
72" x 36" $69.99/$78.99 $79.99 $81.99
90" x 45" $159.99 $129.99 70d HT $159.99
108" x 54" $168.99 $139.99 70d HT $179.99
144" x 72" $419.99 $419.99 $419.99

**Prices subject to change without notice. Please confirm when ordering. Call us about quantity discounts.

Ensigns and Military Flags

We carry the Red, Blue and White Ensigns, Canadian Air Command and Royal Canadian Air Force in a variety of sizes from 6"x10" stick flags to 36"x72" flags. Also available are the Canadian Forces Ensign, Canadian Coast Guard Jack, Canadian Naval Ensign, Canadian Army and Support Our Troops flags, if we don't have it we will order it in for you. Single and double sided custom flags can also be ordered.

International Flags

We carry a large variety of International flags in high quality nylon 72" x 36" and 6" x 10" stick as well as econo polyester 60" x 36" flags and 12" x 18" stick. If we don't have an international flag you require in stock we will order them in for you.

Nylon 72" x 36" starting at $79.99, Econo polyester 60" x 36" - $22.99ea

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canada flag in market square

Got an upcoming Special occasion or event?

We rent Flags, Poles & Bases for indoor events. Contact us for special pricing!

Custom Flags and Banners, Feather/Blade/Tear Drop Banners, Canister Roll Up Banners, Tents, Table Cloths/Runners

over the street banner feather banners custom table runner blank rollup banner

Digital printing is a reality in the process of making flags and banners. We can turn any of your ideas into a beautiful flag or banner to add some colour to your sky or Business front or promotional needs! From promoting your business to flying a family crest or photo and enjoying it from your own home or cottage, we can help. The Sky is the limit!

Flags and banners of all sizes can be printed on nylon, knit polyester or vinyl. Contact us for your special pricing on custom flags and banners of all sizes!

Atcan can also help with your promotional advertising needs with Custom Roll Up Canister Banners, Custom Feather/Tear Drop or Blade Banners, Custom lapel pins, Custom table cloths or runners and tents.

A little expertise and experience go a long way. At ATCAN DISPLAY - Your Flag Shop Canada, we believe in sharing our expertise with our clients to ensure they receive the best product possible. That is our commitment.

We can provide vector art conversion of your files.

Please contact us for further information, artwork requirements and quotes at:

Message Flags and Banners

Open flag

We have a variety of message flags and banners in stock. WELCOME, BIENVENUE, OPEN, OUVERT, OPEN HOUSE, SALE, NEW CARS, USED CARS, USED TRUCKS, Checker flags.

Flags starting at $21.99

Open banner

Feather/Drop/Blade message flags starting at $59.99, poles, ground spikes and stands also available and prices are based on size.

Seasonal and Occasional Flags and Banners!

seasonal flags banner bracket

These are an exciting option to jazz up your residential or commercial flag pole or wall mount pole. They can also be customized to promote your village, town or business! Banners can be used on street light or power poles using Banner brackets and arms or on custom Banner Poles below!

We offer single face reverse images, or double sided. They are made to order and can be done in whatever size you need to fit your flag pole, banner pole or Banner brackets with fiberglass arms available in arm lengths of 18" - 24".

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Sports, PRIDE, Indigenous and First Nations, Seasonal Flags/Garden Banners and Novelty Flags

banner stands

We have a large selection of SPORTS FLAGS; NHL, NFL, CFL, Blue Jays and Raptors as well as a selection of sports team toques and scarves. Various PRIDE flags and stick flags, Indigenous and First Nations, Every Child Matters, Orange flags, Valentine, St. Patrick's, Halloween, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, WELCOME, OPEN, SALE, FOR RENT, Checker flags.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Seasonal Flags, Garden Banners 24x48" and 12x18", Christmas, Novelty flags, Bob Marley, or just a colourful banner to brighten your day! Banner poles, stands and accessories available to hang your flags and banners. Makes great gift giving ideas.

Novelty Items

Atcan Display carries a variety of novelty/souvenir items. Canada 150 flags and lapel pins. Canada and NB patches, lanyards, Canada key chains, Lapel pins: Canada, NB, Pride, RCAF, US, US/Canada Friendship and select provinces. Canada C-Bracelets. Scarves and toques, Stick flags and econo polyester flags.