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Flagpoles, Wall Mounted poles – Commercial and Architectural


commercial flag pole

Flagpoles serve many purposes. You can fly a flag, display information, enhance the appearance of your property, cottage or business, "make a statement", or serve some specific need. We supply Heavy Duty Commercial and Architectural cone-tapered aluminum flag poles from Ewing Flagpole in different finishes: Satin brushed, clear anodized, bronze, light bronze and black anodized flagpoles with external rope halyards or internal halyards of stainless steel cable and plastic chain or stainless cable and winch systems which provide the finest style and beauty to enhance most architectural projects, both business and residential. Poles available in sizes 16' to 100'.

Wall Mounted poles are another option for the side of your building and are available in either vertical or angled styles. Wall Mounted poles come in various lengths with either internal or external halyards to suit your needs. Although available in a variety of materials, aluminum offers the best value when purchase price, maintenance and pole life is considered. Pole parts are also available or can be special ordered in for you.

Another flag pole option is the Formenta Fiberglass poles and parts. Poles ranging from 20' – 40' with external or internal halyard kits.

Please inquire for pricing, volume discounts apply.

Installation and pole repairs can also be quoted.

Residential Pole Kit

aluminum pole

For the budget conscious individual, we offer residential flagpoles suitable for most homes and cottages.

20', 5pc Sectional Satin finish Anodized Aluminum flagpole.

This pole has a 2" Diameter, 5 sections, comes complete with gold ball top and pulley system, cleats, rope, flag clips and ground sleeve. All in 1 box and fits right in your car!! Also makes a great gift giving idea!

ONLY $199.99 each

Titan Telescopic Poles

Titan pole

Titan poles taper from 3" to 1.5" diameter at the top. The tube sections are extruded from T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, all of which are anodized to create a lifelong maintenance free finish ~ no need to worry about rust or painting. It uses inter-locking sleeves to raise and lower the pole sections, no more troublesome push buttons. It is built to withstand winds of 95 mph. There is a lifetime warranty on all the lexan polycarbonate parts.

Each flagpole comes complete with a 3" gold ball top, swivelling double flag harness (which also allows the flag to be flown at half mast and flags won’t wrap around pole), ground sleeve, installation instructions and a 7 year warranty card.

20' Pole, Silver - $775

25' Pole, Silver - $875

Banner Poles

street pole banner

Advertise your presence. Our custom designed banner poles, capable of carrying either single or double banners, will enable you reach your customers, display information and attract the attention of passerby's, whether on-foot or in a vehicle.

Used extensively in large traffic areas, such as expositions, fairgrounds, malls, plazas and boulevards, banner poles are an effective means of making a statement.

Poles come in various heights and arm lengths to suit your needs. Our staff is available to work with you in designing a banner pole to most effectively get your message across to those that you are trying to reach.

As in the case of flagpoles, aluminum offers the best value as a material for banner poles.

Nautical Flagpoles

Nautical flagpoles

Nautical flagpoles are custom made and are meant to represent the sailing vessels from our maritime heritage. They are ideally suited for marinas and coastal areas associated with marine activities or simply your business, home or cottage to make a statement and be able to fly more than one flag on a pole.

Nautical flagpoles may have either a yardarm only or a yardarm and gaff. The yardarm is the horizontal spar used to support and spread a square sail. The gaff is the spar rising aft from the mast to support the head of a quadrilateral fore-and-aft sail. On a nautical flagpole, the yardarm and gaff are used to fly flags.

Nautical flagpoles are equipped with multiple halyards enabling you to fly a number of different flags. The gaff is considered the position of honour and the national flag of the host country is flown from there.

Indoor and Wall Mounted Flagpoles

We carry an assortment of free-standing and wall mounted Indoor and Outdoor Flagpoles

2 piece poles

Free Standing Poles

Solid Oak 2-piece with brass connectors, 8'x1" flagpole. Price - $129.99

Chrome or Gold Color Aluminum 2-piece, 8'x1" Flagpoles. Price - $54.99

Floor stands available for the 1" poles starting at $39.99, see Flagpole Stands section below.

Finials available for 1" poles starting at $6.99, see Flagpole Stands, Finials section below.

Residential/business Light duty Wall Mount Flagpoles

Wall mount flagpoles are an excellent complement to your home or business and can be used outdoors and indoors. Mounting these in an accessible location provides you with the ability to lift your flag and pole out if you are going away or want to change the flag.

spinning pole

2-Piece White Spinning 6'x1" Flagpole. This flagpole is equipped with attached gold ball top and two flag clips that continuously spin preventing the flag from wrapping around the pole. Price - $59.99
Kit including adjustable mount - $79.99

adjustable poles

Adjustable telescopic 1" pole and 45° mount kit - starting at $45.99

Banner poles starting at $24.99

45° Mounts, adjustable and 2 position mounts starting at $22.99, see Flagpole stands, mounts below

Business/Residential Heavy Duty Wall Mount Flagpoles

flag on building

1 1/2" Pole diameter for strength. 7.5' - 10' lengths. Fittings include: gold vinyl ball ornament, two eyebolts and stainless steel clips for attaching your flag. Fits with angled, vertical or adjustable wall mounts. Optional add on with angled mount: Atcan's own Super Fly Anti Tangle Arm to keep your flag in a flying position and tangle free. Poles are lightweight and easy to install! We also offer installation, quotes provided.

Prices starting at $199.99 for eye bolt system, $319.99 for the Super Fly Anti Tangle Arm System.

Installation, repairs and flag replacement can also be quoted.

Windsocks and Frames


Windsocks are available in a variety of sizes in either orange or orange and white. “Long Life", a urethane coated and UV protected premium nylon with reinforced double stitched hems and heavy duty brass grommets. "Extra Long Life", is a heavy-duty cross-woven Aviation blend Poly. Nylon material that is chemically resistant treated and Polyurethane coated for bonding strength and water repellency. Nylon support webbing on intake opening with brass grommets. Colorfast International Bright Orange in color. "Extra Long Life" windsocks have an estimate 50% longer life and color retention.

windsock frame

Frames - The ball bearing windsock frames are a rugged design constructed of a welded steel and then a black powder coated finish for corrosion protection. They incorporate a two bearing pivoting design for effortless pivoting. These frames are ready to be mounted on a 3/4" female pipe thread, sizes range from 6" to 24" and a 1" pipe thread for the 36" frames. Lighted windsock frames also available.

*Please inquire for pricing and availability.



1.5" Mounts to fit with 1.5" poles available in vertical, angled and adjustable or roof mount in welded steel construction. Please call for quote specific to your needs.

Prices starting at $99.99.

Flagpole Stands, Mounts, Finials & Hardware

We carry a variety of indoor and outdoor flagpole stands, mounts, finials and hardware for residential and commercial poles, not all hardware included in list, please inquire for your specific needs.

Below are a few that we have in stock:

Folding economy stand, starting at $44.99
12" Diameter stand, gold bright finish, starting at $74.99
Adjustable wall mount for 1" Pole $29.99
Fixed wall mount for 1" Pole $24.99
Steel 1.5" wall mounts, angle, vertical, adjustable starting at $99.99
Superfly anti-tangle system $99.99
Gold/Chrome plastic acorn finial for 1" pole $6.99
Brass plated spear finial for 1" pole $59.99
Brass plated maple leaf finial for 1" pole $59.99
Vinyl ball finial for 1" pole $9.99
Vinyl ball finial for 1.5" pole $11.99
Flag spreader $42.99
Flag Clips & holders: C-clip, plastic grommet clip, nylon, stainless steel, ss shackle, brass, Englefield $1.35 - $18.99
Rope Double braided nylon by the foot starting at $0.40
Pulley's: 3/4", 1", 1.5" and 2" starting at $6.99
Fixed truck and pulley, 2 3/8" inside diameter $99.99
Spun aluminum 4" gold or silver ball top with 1/2" thread starting at $84.99
Spun aluminum 6" gold or silver ball top with 1/2" thread starting at $129.99
Cleats, nylon, aluminum, brass various sizes starting at $9.99+

**Prices subject to change without notice. Please confirm when ordering.

folding stand gold base pulley truck aluminium balls finials pole mounts clips and snaps flag spreader

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